Kappa Alpha Order – University of Washington

Our Chapter

So what’s it like being a KA? In our case, it means making life-long friendships, having a blast with your brothers, and surpassing your own high expectations. We’re a group of guys who are serious about getting the most out of life, and aren’t afraid to put in the work to get there. Our members learn to become fine upstanding gentlemen who are honorable, driven, and leaders among men.

Here’s some quick facts about what makes us unique:

  • Strict No-Hazing Policy. Hazing doesn’t build brotherhood; it destroys it. We’re very proud to say that we have never hazed a single brother in our chapter’s history, and we never will.
  • Unanimous Bidding. At other fraternities, a small group of guys select who receives a bid for membership. Here at KA, that’s not the case. When you receive a bid from us, that means that every single KA wants you to be their brother. It’s a true honor to be part of such a close brotherhood, and we take the decision very seriously.
  • Award Winning. We’re among the top KA chapters nationally, and recently received the Carl Albert Award for the most improved chapter in the nation. We’ve also been recognized for outstanding scholarship, finances, and communication, and have received KA’s highest honor, the Ammen Award for Chapter excellence, for four out of the past ten years of our existence. We’re very proud of our accomplishments, and look forward to only improving upon our strong foundation of excellence.
  • Scholarship. We take our grades seriously, and have maintained a 3.32 chapter GPA that is ranked in the top ten in both the UW Greek System and KA nationally.
  • Still Young. Our chapter was founded a little over ten years ago, which means we’re still growing and developing. This enables our brothers to have a profound impact on the development of our chapter and leave a lasting impact on future generations. Plus you’ll have the opportunity to meet and learn from our founding fathers, a privilege not many other chapters get to enjoy.
  • Life-Long Brotherhood.  If you’re looking for friends that are going to be there through thick and thin, then we’re the place for you. At KA, our brotherhood is not for four years, it’s for life.

KA’s in the Olympic National Forest

  • Crusade Development Program. Since its inception, our chapter has enlisted in Kappa Alpha’s prestigious Crusade program to raise our already high expectations even higher. The Crusade is a four year program that teaches every member life skills from developing yourself as a leader to building an impressive résumé.
  • Alcohol Policy. We at KA believe in the responsible use of alcohol, and prohibit drinking in the house during the weekdays to keep our focus on school. We encourage our brothers to make smart decisions when drinking and discourage the “drink to get drunk” mentality.
  • Involved. KAs believe in giving back to the community through many philanthropic endeavors such as organizing Greek-wide donations of stuffed animals to the Children’s Hospital, volunteering for the PONCHO community arts auction, or holding concerts to benefit the Muscular Distrophy Association, our national philanthropy.
  • Not Too Big. At some fraternities, you can get lost in the crowd. At KA, everybody knows your name. Our selective size ensures for a close-knit brotherhood, and provides every member the opportunity to pursue a leadership role that can teach them skills for life.
  • Not a House, but a Home. You won’t find industrial kitchens, sleeping porches, or multi-stall restrooms at KA. Instead, you’ll find single rooms, comfy couches, a clean environment, and a place that truly feels like home.